Activities permitted on New Zealand eTA

Activities Permitted New Zealand eTA

From 1 October 2019, guests from visa-waiver nations must demand an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) before coming to New Zealand. You may likewise need to pay an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). For more information on the ETA and IVL, visit Frequestly Asked Questions.

Having a valid identification and the correct visa is critical to an inconvenience free section into New Zealand. Peruse progressively about our movement prerequisites.

We appreciate inviting guests to New Zealand. To guarantee you have an encounter to recall, ensure you've gotten your work done and have everything arranged before you leave.

When you arrive, your international ID must be still valid for atleast three months past your expected takeoff date, and whenever required, have a legitimate New Zealand visa.

What can you do with New Zealand eTA Visa

You can:

  • Travel to New Zealand without first applying for a visa. Check eligibility here.
  • Go through Auckland International Airport as a traveler while in transit to or from Australia if you are form ANY nation.
  • Go through Auckland International Airport as a traveler while in transit to another nation — on the off chance that you are from a visa waiver or travel visa waiver nation.
  • You can tour and travel and explore New Zealand
  • You can meet friends
Primary purpose your visit must be entertainment and recreation.

What you cannot do with New Zealand eTA Visa

You cannot:

  • Buy property
  • Undergo medical treatment
  • Run a business
  • Invest in New Zealand
  • Seek employment and work
  • Perform commercial work like movie making

United States residents and United Kingdom residents can apply for New Zealand Eta and expect an approval in most cases by the next day.

The application for NZ eTA (New Zealand eTA) is quite simple and can be completed by most people in under five minutes, you are required to have a valid email id and debit/credit card or Paypal account from any of the 185 countries.